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Fourth Monday of each month from 6:45 - 8:30 P.M.

REI store in Boca Park

710 S. Rampart Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89145

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Speaker for October 22, 2018

Steven Acerson

“Utah Rock Art”


Upcoming Events

SNRAA Speakers for 2018:

January 22        Dave Manley             “Visible Remains” (Colorado Plateau)

February  26      David Sucec               “Intimate Relations: Associations of animals

                                                             & spirit figures in Barrier Canyon Rock Art”

March 26           Richard Jenkinson    “Grand Canyon Polychrome”

April 23               David R. Nichols        “Rock Art in the Mojave National Preserve”

May  28             Jerry Dickey              “Rock Art & Archaeology in the Arizona Strip”

June 25              Edna Clem                 “Cave Art of Europe”

July 23                Cherry Baker            “Rock Art of Namibia and the Drakensberg Area

                                                             of South Africa”

August 27        Karen Harry                 “Changing Patterns of Interaction & Identity

                                                                in Puebloan Settlements of Southern Nevada”

Sept.  24        Courtney Smith                “Style, What is it good For? An Overview of the

                                                        Rock Art of the Great Basin & Surrounding Areas”

Oct. 22        Steven Acerson                “Rock Art in Utah”

Nov. 26        Daniel McCarthy            “Geoglyphs” (After Thanksgiving)

December     No program


Jan. 28        Dave Manley

Feb. 25        Jim Keyser

Mar. 25        Scott Seibel

Apr. 22        Carol Patterson

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Steven Acerson

“Utah Rock Art”

   Steven Acerson is the current President of the Utah Rock Art Research Association (URARA). A native born Utahn, he grew up in the Henry Mountains of the San Rafael Swell, exploring the canyons of this wild and beautiful land and developing a love of the rock art so abundant in Utah.

    While pursuing outdoor activities of hunting, whitewater rafting, and 4-wheeling, he was able to locate many rock art panels. Since his retirement five years ago, Steve has spent time returning to the canyons and revisiting the Utah sites with a new perspective. His exploration has expanded to other states, including Nevada. Steve is now involved in protecting and preserving rock art sites in Utah and educating the public of the importance of saving these ancient treasures.

    Steve will be sharing some of the many rock art images he has taken on his travels around Utah.

San Rafael Swell Rock Art