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Speaker for May 28, 2018

Jerry Dickey:

“Rock Art & Archaeology

of the Arizona Strip”

Upcoming Events

SNRAA Speakers for 2018:

January 22        Dave Manley             “Visible Remains” (Colorado Plateau)

February  26      David Sucec               “Intimate Relations: Associations of animals

                                                             & spirit figures in Barrier Canyon Rock Art”

March 26           Richard Jenkinson    “Grand Canyon Polychrome”

April 23               David R. Nichols        “Rock Art in the Mojave National Preserve”

May  28             Jerry Dickey              “Rock Art & Archaeology in the Arizona Strip”

June 25              Edna Clem                 “Cave Art of Europe”

July - November     TBA

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Jerry Dickey

“Rock Art & Archaeology

of the Arizona Strip”


    The Arizona Strip is located between the southern Utah border and the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Author Scott Thybony has referred to the Strip as “nearly 5 million acres of the emptiest territory in the lower forty-eight.” It is a sparsely populated area of a few small towns and scattered ranches. Visitors pass through the Arizona Strip on their way to the tourist facilities on the north rim of Grand Canyon National Park or to hike to well-known rock art sites such as Snake Gulch or the Shaman’s Gallery. This region remains largely unexplored and undocumented.

    As part of an on-going multi-year archaeological survey of the northwestern area of Grand Canyon National Park, this presentation will focus on the human history of the Arizona Strip with an emphasis on rock art and the prehistoric record.

    Since 1992, Jerry Dickey has documented rock art for the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, BLM/Arizona Strip, and the Kaibab National Forest. He has also recorded rock art in the California desert for the past 28 years. He has written and co-authored numerous articles that have been published in American Indian Rock Art, the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, and the San Diego Museum of Man Rock Art Papers. He is also a co-author of "Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region," a really good book.

Sego/Thompson Rock Art Site. Colorado


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