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Fourth Monday of each month from 6:45 - 8:30 P.M.

REI store in Boca Park

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Speaker for March 26, 2018

Richard Jenkinson:

“Grand Canyon Polychrome”

       Richard Jenkinson taught high school English for 34 years, 14 years in Kayenta on the Navajo reservation and 20 years in Moab, Utah. He currently lives in Kanab, Utah. He is a past president of the Utah Rock Art Research Association. 

Upcoming Events

SNRAA Speakers for 2018:

January 22        Dave Manley             “Visible Remains” (Colorado Plateau)

February  26      David Sucec               “Intimate Relations: Associations of animals

                                                             & spirit figures in Barrier Canyon Rock Art”

March 26           Richard Jenkinson    “Grand Canyon Polychrome”

April 23               TBA

May  28             Jerry Dickey        

June 25              Edna Clem            “Cave Art of Europe”

July - November     TBA

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Richard Jenkinson

“Grand Canyon Polychrome”

27th Annual World Atlatl Competition

Wednesday March 14,  2018 thru Monday March 19, 2018

Valley of Fire State Park

    Though closely related to the Barrier Canyon Style rock art of southeastern Utah, and to the Pecos River rock art of Texas, the Grand Canyon Polychrome pictographs have a unique combination of characteristics, and more subjectively, a unique look. The similarities between these three styles may be attributed to the "Pan-Archaic" tradition which seems to encompass most of the western United States. When sorting out the traits exhibited in the Grand Canyon Polychrome Style, it almost appears to be a synthesis of Great Mural, Barrier Canyon, and Pecos River rock art.